Bellwether arts
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our mission

Bellwether Arts creates liturgical art to bless the church through a meditation on the church year.

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Welcome To Bellwether arts

We are a group of liturgical artists from Holland, MIChigan,

a town near the coast of lake michigan

Bellwether (noun) bell·weth·er:

1. The leading sheep of a flock with a bell around its neck

2. An indicator or predictor of something

3. One that leads; the giver of direction

4. An indication of the way a situation is changing…leading into seasons

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What is bellwether?

Bellwether Arts is an artistic and devotional guide through the church calendar. Each season we seek to create art in various mediums as a unique liturgical resource. These resources are meant to inspire, reconnect, invite, and clear space in order to enter more deeply and fully into the Christ story. Through collaboration with local churches and artists we hope to create space for art and other creative possibilities to be offered back to the church as a faithful witness.


Our Projects

Bellwether Arts is currently working on a project for Ordinary Time. Ordinary Time begins the Monday after Pentecost and continues until the first Sunday of Advent, making it the longest season of the church year. For this project, we are focusing on the ordinary. Day to day life. A prayer for each day, a recipe, a practice to help us see the extraordinariness of God in the ordinary. For more information and to fund this project check out our Kickstarter. Previous projects are also available for purchase. To check them out, click the button below.